Background Verification

Importance Of Profile Screening & Back Ground Verification

Employees Are The Face Of Any Organization And Hence, Affect The Company’s Brand Reputation Directly. On Top Of It, The Right Employees Have A Positive Influence Over Customer Satisfaction And The Company’s Balance Sheet. It Is Hence Imperative For Employers To Seek Employee Background Check Services To Build A Secure Workplace Environment, While Ensuring That Their Workforce Is Comprised Of Employees Who Have The Right Skills And Fit The Organization’s Culture And Values.


Address Check

The address of a candidate is verified through a physical visit to the place. We recommend verifying at least current and permanent addresses. Optionally, you may get all past addresses for a particular duration checked, for added reassurance about clean and incident-free past.

Education Check

Authenticity of a candidate’s educational qualifications and certifications is established directly from the universities and colleges.

Employment Check

Employment history such as designation, period of employment, reason of leaving etc. is verified to ascertain candidates work experience at previous organizations. In cases where one or more of past employers is no longer in business, a thorough investigation is done through alternate available means, to ascertain the validity of claim of having worked there.

Reference Check

A candidate’s skills and knowledge, as well as past roles and responsibilities are reconfirmed via precise interview(s) with past supervisors.

Identity Check

The authenticity of a candidate’s identity is established through the verification of Government-issued identity documents submitted by the candidate.

Criminal Check

Criminal checks are conducted to reveal any past convictions, civil or criminal, associated with the candidate. Government records pertaining to candidate’s nationality and jurisdictions are searched at multiple appropriate levels to bring to the fore any past, on-record convictions.

Public Database Check

Proprietary databases and government maintained public databases are searched to find out criminal records or financial frauds committed by the candidate.

Drug Screening

Candidate’s blood and urine samples are tested by laboratories of global repute to rule out substance abuse history in the recent past.

Psychometric Assessment Testing

Experts will help decide candidate’s fitness for the role offered based on personality traits and cognitive skills.

Social Media Check

Online social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, search engines of repute like Google, Bing, and online news sites popular in candidate’s geography, are methodically screened by a team of experts looking for suspicious or negative activities associated with the candidate in recent past.

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